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Animals Vocabulary: bat, bear, beaver, bird, buffalo, bull, calf, camel, cat

Animals Vocabulary: chick, chipmunk, cow, crocodile, cub, deer, dog, dolphin, donkey, duck

Animals Vocabulary: eagle, elephant, elk, fish, frog, giraffe, goat, goldfish, gorilla, hamster

Animals Vocabulary: hedgehog, hen, horse, kangaroo, leopard, lion, monkey, mouse, octopus, ostrich

Animals Vocabulary: otter, owl, ox, panther, parrot, peacock, pig, pigeon, porcupine, rabbit

Animals Vocabulary: raccoon, rat, rooster, seal, shark, sheep, skunk, snail, snake

Animals Vocabulary: squirrel, swan, tiger, turtle, turkey, vulture, whale, wolf, zebra

Answers Vocabulary Vocabulary: a little, always, awful, bad, carefully, certainly, excellent, excuse me, forget it

Answers Vocabulary: gladly, good, very good, I am all ears, I did not know, immediately, in short, incorrect, it is possible, it is not clear, it sounds good, negative

Answers Vocabulary: never, no, no way, not important, not good, not worthwhile, nothing, nonsense, positivie, slowly, thank you, thanks a lot

Answers Vocabulary: there is none, tremendous, unbelievable, unpleasant, unsuitable, wonderful, yes

Astronomy Vocabulary: asteroid, astronaut, comet, constellation, earth, galaxy, Jupiter, lunar eclipse

Astronomy Vocabulary: Mars, Mercury, moon, Neptune, planet, Pluto, satellite, solar eclipse

Astronomy Vocabulary: solar system, space, spacecraft, star, stars, Saturn, sun, telescope, Uranus, Venus

Best Wishes Vocabulary: all the best, be healthy, be strong and courageous

Best Wishes Vocabulary: best wishes, bless you, congratulations, congratulations on the Bar Mitzvah, congratulations on the Bat Mitzvah

Best Wishes Vocabulary: congratulations on the birth of a boy, congratulations on the birth of a girl, good luck, good luck on your new job

Best Wishes Vocabulary: good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night and sweet dreams

Best Wishes Vocabulary: happy birthday, happy journey, have a good trip, have a good day, have a good week

Best Wishes Vocabulary: have a good month, have a good year, have a nice weekend, have a peaceful Shabbat, have a peaceful and blessed Shabbat

Best Wishes Vocabulary: happy holiday, have a complete recovery, have a qucik recovery, have an easy fast, have a meaningful fast

Best Wishes Vocabulary: have an easy army draft and a pleasant service, hearty appetite, in a favorable hour, leave in peace and come back in peace

Best Wishes Vocabulary: leave in peace and come back in peace, may you have happiness and richness till 120, may you live to see him learn torah, be married, and perform good deeds

Best Wishes Vocabulary: may you live to see her learn torah, be married, and perform good deeds, may you enjoy him/her very much, may you merit to build a faithful home in Israel, this young man is destined for graet things

Best Wishes Vocabulary: to a good life and peace, to life, watch over yourself, welcome

Best Wishes Vocabulary: may G-d comfort you among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem, may you be conforted from heaven, may you know no further sorrow

Business Vocabulary: accounting, advertising, advertising campaigen, agenda, assembly line, asset, audit, bill, bill of lading

Business Vocabulary: brand loyalty, budget, cash, cash flow, chart, capital, colleague, company

Business Vocabulary: competitive advantage, competition, competitiveness, contract, corporation, cost, credit, debt, deficit, department

Business Vocabulary: economy, equipment, expense, expenses, export, financing, fiscal year, forecast, goals, graph

Business Vocabulary: growth, holding company, import, inventory, invoice, limited company, LTD, loan, management, market

Business Vocabulary: marketing research, market segment, market size, market survey, marketing, marketing ideas, metting, merchandise

Business Vocabulary: merger, negotiations, net price, order, partner, partners, partnership, payment, payslip

Business Vocabulary: petty cash, potential market, presentation, price, product, production, production cost, profits, projections

Business Vocabulary: receipt, refreshments, revenue, salary, sales, sales promotion, slides, taxes

Civil Defense Vocabulary: alarm, attack, ambulance, anxiety, area, batteries, blanket, bottles of water

Civil Defense Vocabulary: damage, drill, earthquake, emergency, emergency situation, explosive device, explosion, fire

Civil Defense Vocabulary: fire brigade, fire department, first-aid, flashlight, flood, gas mask, The Home Front Command, hospital

Civil Defense Vocabulary: IDF, Israel Defense Forces, instructions, Iron Dome, MDA, Magen David Adom

Civil Defense Vocabulary: military reserve duty, reserves callup, missles, open area, personal protection kits, police

Civil Defense Vocabulary: protected room, radio, radio silent wave / station, red color, rocket barrage, bomb shelter,

Civil Defense Vocabulary: shock, siren, stairwell, stress (tension), suspicious object, television

Clothes Vocabulary: belt, boot, boots, bra, cap, coat, dress, glove, gloves, hat, pajamas

Clothes Vocabulary: pants, raincoat, scarf, short, shoe, shoes, skirt, slippers, sneakers, sock, socks

Clothes Vocabulary: stockings, sweater, sweatshirt, suit, T-shirt, tie, underclothes, underpants, undershirt

Colors Vocabulary: color, black, blue, light blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red

Colors Vocabulary: white, yellow

Computer Vocabulary: computer, address, anti-virus, API, application, arrow key, authorization

Computer Vocabulary: background color, backup, bandwidth, beep, capacity, CAD/CAM

Computer Vocabulary: CBT, chip, client application, command, column width, comma

Computer Vocabulary: comment, communications, communications line, communications network, communications protocol, communications settings, compact disk

Computer Vocabulary: component, compression, computer embedded system, computer science, configuration, connected, connection

Computer Vocabulary: content, control panel, copyright, cursor, cut and paste, data, data base

Computer Vocabulary: data collection, data processing, data structure, default, deletion, design, desktop, digit

Computer Vocabulary: documentation, download, documents, editing tools, electronic commerce, electronic mail (email), electronic spreadsheet

Computer Vocabulary: engineer, error, event, event log, external hard disk, field name, field size

Computer Vocabulary: flow control, folder, font, file, file server, flat screen, friends, game

Computer Vocabulary: hard disk, hardware, hardware requirements, icon, information, information system, infrastructure, ink

Computer Vocabulary: installation, interface, Internet, Interent account, Internet address, ISP, key, keyboard

Computer Vocabulary: keyword, LAN ( local area network), language, library, link, mail filter, mailing list

Computer Vocabulary: maintenance, malfunction, manual, memory, memory card, menu, messages, mobile computer, notebook

Computer Vocabulary: model, mouse, mother board, network, operating system, password, pattern recognition, printer, procedure

Computer Vocabulary: program, programmer, programming, project management, quality control, query, read error

Computer Vocabulary: real time, real time system, record, record length, restore, router, save as, scanner

Computer Vocabulary: screen, monitor, search, security, sequence, serial number, shortcut key, simulation, social network

Computer Vocabulary: software, software engineer, software engineering, software house, software testing

Computer Vocabulary: sort, sort by date, sort by name, sound, sound card, space bar, speakers, speech recognition

Computer Vocabulary: spell checker, standard, step, storage, style sheet, subject, support

Computer Vocabulary: system, system manager, system analyst, surf

Computer Vocabulary: table, technical support, technical writer, template, temporary file, three dimentional (3d)

Computer Vocabulary: toolbar, traffic, update, upgrade, user, user name, user interface, video clip, virtual reality

Computer Vocabulary: virus, version, voice recognition, warrenty, website, web browser, window, work station, web browser, window, work station

Days and Time Vocabulary: day, days, two days, 24 hour period, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Days and Time Vocabulary: yesterday, day before yesterday, today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, past, present, future, now

Days and Time Vocabulary: week, weeks, two weeks, weekday, weekend, morning, afternoon, late afternoon, evening, night, last night

Days and Time Vocabulary: month, monthly, year, two years, rearly, biannual, holiday, holidays, early, late

Days and Time Vocabulary: second, seconds, minute, minutes, in one minute, hour, hours, two hours, in one hour

Days and Time Vocabulary: the time is 1:00, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45, summer time, winter time

Economics Vocabulary: balance of payments, bank account, bank statement, bilateral trade, bond, capital gains tax

Economics Vocabulary: checking account, consumer price index (CPI), conversion rate, cost of living allowance, cost of living index

Economics Vocabulary: credit, credit card, deposit, devaluation, dollar rate, economy, export, foreign currency, foreign trade balance

Economics Vocabulary: foreign trade deficit, gross national product (GNP), housing index, import, industry, inflation, interest rate

Economics Vocabulary: investment, Israel Export Institute, linkage, loan, Manufacturers Association of Israel, minimum wage, money market

Economics Vocabulary: national budget, overdraft, pension fund, provident fund, public company, pay slip

Economics Vocabulary: recovery, regulation, savings account, savings, stability, stock market, tax, taxes, tax brackets, tax free

Economics Vocabulary: taxable, tender, treasury, value added tax (VAT), withholding tax

Elections Vocabulary: elections, ballot, ballot box, budget, citizen, coaltion, conservative, deficit

Elections Vocabulary: democracy, editorial, election campaign, electorate, foreign policy, government, identity card

Elections Vocabulary: independent, The Israeli Parliment, Knesset, jobs, leader, left-wing

Elections Vocabulary: legislation, legislator, liberal, member of Knesset, minister, observer

Elections Vocabulary: opposition, party, platform, politician, politics, poll, prediction, president, prime minister

Elections Vocabulary: promises, propaganda, public opinion, recount, referendum, right wing, sample, security

Elections Vocabulary: speech, strategy, survey, term of office, unemployment, volunteer, vote, voter

Electrical Appliances Vocabulary: air conditioner, answering machine, central heating, clock, clothes dryer, computer, deep freezer

Electrical Appliances Vocabulary: dishwasher, fan, hairdryer, heater, hot plate, iron, lamp, microwave

Electrical Appliances Vocabulary: oven, radio, refrigerator, shaver, television, vacuum cleaner, washing machine

Employment Vocabulary: employment, ability, agreement, backelor's degree, branch manager, business, car, car allowance

Employment Vocabulary: cashier, clerk, committee, company, computer, consultant, continueing education fund (keren hishtamut)

Employment Vocabulary: contract, contractor, coordinator, cost of living allowance, cost of living index

Employment Vocabulary: curriculum vitae, cv, resume, customer service, customer support, deep understanding, degree, department, design

Employment Vocabulary: developer, doctor, document, documentation, driver, driver's license, email, electronic mail

Employment Vocabulary: employee, employer, employment agency, manpower

Employment Vocabulary: employment bureau, engineer, expenses, experience, expertise

Employment Vocabulary: faster learner, food coupons, foreign language, form, full-time job, government

Employment Vocabulary: grades, help wanted ads, high school graduate, hiring of workers, recruiting workers, human resources, incentive

Employment Vocabulary: identity card number, income tax, independent, industrial experience, information

Employment Vocabulary: insurance, insurance policy, internatinal, internship, interview, interviewer, job, job hunting, searh for a job

Employment Vocabulary: labor laws, language, lawyer, linkage, management, manager, manager's insurance

Employment Vocabulary: manpower, marketing experience, minimum wage, mother tongue, national insurance, negotiations

Employment Vocabulary: no experience, non-profir organization, office, office manager, opportunity, overtime

Employment Vocabulary: part-time job, playslip, pension fund, position, practical experience

Employment Vocabulary: proactive thinker, problem-solving skills, procedure, product manager, project leader

Employment Vocabulary: profession, professional, project management, promotion, provident fund, questionnaire

Employment Vocabulary: receptionist, recruitment, requirements, research and development, reserve duty (army), responsibility, salary, salary subject to tax

Employment Vocabulary: salary survey, sales experience, secretarial work, secretary, security clearance, security officer

Employment Vocabulary: senior, seniority, shift, shift work, social worker

Employment Vocabulary: subcontractor, support, supervisor, tax, taxes, taxable, tax credit points

Employment Vocabulary: teacher, technical background, technical support, technical writer, transportation services

Employment Vocabulary: team, team leader, teamwork, translator

Employment Vocabulary: university graduate, vacation days, wages, waiter, waitress

Employment Vocabulary: withholding tax, work, work conditions, work day, work experience, work hours

Food Vocabulary: applesauce, apple pie, bread, bubble gum, butter, canned food, butter, cake, cereal

Food Vocabulary: cheese, cottage cheese, yellow cheese, chocolate, chocolate spread, cookie, cookies, cream crumb

Food Vocabulary: egg, eggs, egg salad, eggplant salad, felafel, fish, flour, french fries

Food Vocabulary: frozen, honey, hummus, ice cream, jelly, jam, juice, ketchup, margarine, matzah, mayonnaise, milk, chocolate milk

Food Vocabulary: noodles, oil. olive oil, pasta, pastery, burekas, peanut butter, pickles, pizza

Food Vocabulary: potato chips, popsicle, rice, roll, rolls, salad, sauce, sesame paste, snack, soup, spaghetti, spices

Food Vocabulary: sugar, sweets, candy, water, mineral water, shole wheat flour, yoghurt

Food - Beverages Vocabulary: beverage, alcoholic beverage, beer, carbonated drink, cider, coffee, coffee with cream, black coffee

Food - Beverages Vocabulary: instant coffee, cola, juice, apple juice, grape juice, grapefruit juice, orange juice

Food - Beverages Vocabulary: pineapple juice, tomato juice, lemonade, soda pop, soda water, soft drink, tea, tea bag, herbal tea

Food - Beverages Vocabulary: wine, dry wine, semi-dry wine, red wine, white wine, sweet wine

Food - Fruit Vocabulary: apple, apricot, banana, cherry, cherries, date, fig, grape, grapes, grapefruit, guava

Food - Fruit Vocabulary: kiwi, lemon, lime, loquat, mango, melon, nectarine, orange, olive, olives, peach, pear, persimmon

Food - Fruit Vocabulary: pineapple, pomegranate, raisins, rasberry, sabra, strawberry, tangerine, watermellon

Food - Label Vocabulary: acid, artificial sweetener, calories, carbohydrates, contains, dairy, expiration date

Food - Label Vocabulary: fat, importer, ingredients, keep in a cool place, kosher, low fat, low sodium, manufacturer, manufactured date

Food - Label Vocabulary: meaty, neutral, parveh, nutritional information, salt, sodium, sugar

Food - Meat Vocabulary: beef, chicken, chicken breat, chicken steak, chicken wings, duck, hamburger, hotdog in a bun, lamb, liver

Food - Meat Vocabulary: meatball, meatloaf, pastrami, roast meat, roasted beef, schnitzel, turkey, veal

Food - Nuts Vocabulary: nut, almond, soup almonds, cashew, chesnut, coconut, hazel nut, peanut, peanuts

Food - Nuts Vocabulary: pecan nut, pine seed, pistachio nut, pistachio nuts, shell, walnut

Food - Spices Vocabulary: spice, allspice, anise, basil, bay leaf, caper, caraway, celery

Food - Spices Vocabulary: chicory, chili, cinnamon, clove, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, garlic, ginger, horseradish, hyssop

Food - Spices Vocabulary: juniper, licorice, mint, mustard, nutmeg, onion, oregano, paprika, parsley, black pepper, white pepper

Food - Spices Vocabulary: poppy, rosemary, saffron, sage, sesame, sugar, sumac, tarragon, thyme, vanilla

Food - Vegetables Vocabulary: vegetable, artichoke, asparagus, avocado, beetroot, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrot, cauliflower, celery

Food - Vegetables Vocabulary: corn, cucumber, eggplant, fennel, garlic, green beans, yellow beans, horseradish, leek, lettuce

Food - Vegetables Vocabulary: mushrooms, onion, peas, pepper, red pepper, potatos, pumkin, purple gabbage, radish, small radish

Food - Vegetables Vocabulary: spinach, sprouts, sweet potato, tomato, turnip, white cabbage, zucchini

Food - Cooking and Baking 1 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): cooking and baking, (to) add, (to) bake, baker, baking powder, (to) barbecue

Food - Cooking and Baking 2 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): blender, (to) boil, bowl, small bowl, soup bowl, bread crumbs, butter

Food - Cooking and Baking 3 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): cake, apple cake, cake pan, chef, chocolate, cholent, (to) chop, cinnamon

Food - Cooking and Baking 4 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): cloves of crushed garlic, cook, (to) cook, cooked, to be cooked, cooked food

Food - Cooking and Baking 5 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): cookbook, (to) cool, cream, sour cream, whipped cream, (to) cream, cup, (to) cut

Food - Cooking and Baking 6 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): debone, degrees, (to) dice, dip, (to) dip, dough, dry, (to) dry

Food - Cooking and Baking 7 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): egg, eggs, egg white, egg yolk, fried egg, hard-boiled egg, omelet, scrambled egg

Food - Cooking and Baking 8 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): soft-boiled egg, flavor, (to) flavor, flour, (to) fold, food processor, (to) freeze, frosting

Food - Cooking and Baking 9 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): fried in oil, (to) fry, frying pan, granish, (to) garnish, gram, grated potatos

Food - Cooking and Baking 10 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): grater, gravy, (to) grease, grill, (to) grill, grinder, ground beef, (to) heat, ingredients

Food - Cooking and Baking 11 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): (to) juice, juicer, apple juice, freshly squeezed orange juice, kitchen, kitchenette, kitchenware

Food - Cooking and Baking 12 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): (to) knead, kneading, knife, kosher, (to) kosher, ladle, layer, lower the flame

Food - Cooking and Baking 13 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): margarine, marinade, (to) marinate, (to) mash, (to) measure, measuring cup

Food - Cooking and Baking 14 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): (to) melt, microwave, (to) mix, mixer, mixture, Moussaka, oil

Food - Cooking and Baking 15 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): one half, one third, one fourth, one eighth, opener, oven (to) peel, peeler, pepper, (to) pickle

Food - Cooking and Baking 16 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): pie, pinch, plate, (to) poach, portion, pot, (to) pour, preheated

Food - Cooking and Baking 17 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): (to) prepare, (to) press, pressure-cooker, puree, recipe, (to) refrigerate, refridgerator, (to) rinse, (to) roast

Food - Cooking and Baking 18 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): (to) roll, rolling pin, salt, (to) saute, (to) scramble, (to) seperate, (to) serve, serving, (to) sift, sifted flour

Food - Cooking and Baking 19 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): sifter, simmer, slice, (to) slice, slow cooking, small pieces, (to) soak

Food - Cooking and Baking 20 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): soup, homemade chicken soup, spice, spices, spoon, sprinkle, (to) stir, stove top

Food - Cooking and Baking 21 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): strainer, (to) stuff, stuffed, stuffed (vegetables), stuffing, sugar, sweet and sour, (to) sweeten

Food - Cooking and Baking 22 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): table, tablespoon, (to) taste, teaspoon, thermometer, (to) thicken, toast, (to) toast

Food - Cooking and Baking 23 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): toaster, tomato paste, (to) turn over, uncovered, (to) wash, (to) weigh, yeast

Hiking and Camping Vocabulary: animals, packback, barbecue, batteries, binoculars, blanket, bonfire, boots, bottles of water

Hiking and Camping Vocabulary: boulder, branches, bushes, campfire, camping, campsite, can opener, canned food

Hiking and Camping Vocabulary: canteen, cave, cliff, cooler, compass, danger, dangerous, dawn, in daylight, dehydration

Hiking and Camping Vocabulary: desert, dirt, disposable plates, equipment, field, fire, first-aid

Hiking and Camping Vocabulary: fishing, flashlight, food, forest, fruit, garbage bags, GPS device

Hiking and Camping Vocabulary: grass, ground, group, guide, guitar, hat, hill, hillside

Hiking and Camping Vocabulary: hike, knapsack, knife, knot, lake, lighter, map, matches, meal, moon

Hiking and Camping Vocabulary: moquitoes, mountain, mud, national park, nature, nature reserve, open area

Hiking and Camping Vocabulary: (to) organize, pace, peg, penknife, plant, pole, rope, safety, sandwich

Hiking and Camping Vocabulary: shade, sleep, sleeping bag, snack, stars, stone, stream, summit

Hiking and Camping Vocabulary: sun, sunglasses, sunrise, sunscreen lotion, sunset, sunstroke, tent

Hiking and Camping Vocabulary: terrain, trails, trash, tree, twigs, valley, view, water, waterfall, weather

Hotel Vocabulary: hotel manager, bathroom, bed, bed and breakfast

Hotel Vocabulary: bill, breakfast, checkout time, conference room, convention, daily rate, dining room, dinner

Hotel Vocabulary: double bed, double room, elevator, exercise room, extra bed, five star hotel

Hotel Vocabulary: full board, ground floor, half board, help, ice, key, laundry service, lobby

Hotel Vocabulary: luggage, lunch, messages, newspaper, parking lot, pillow, reception desk, refigerator

Hotel Vocabulary: remote control, reservation, room, room service, safe, single bed, single room, soap

Hotel Vocabulary: swimming pool, towel, towels, view, wake up call, weekly rate, window, wireless Internet

Human Body Vocabulary: ankle, ankles, arm, armpit, artery, arteries, back, bladder, blood, bone, bones

Human Body Vocabulary: brain, buttocks, cheek, cheeks, chest, chin, ear, ears, elbow, elbows, eye, eyes

Human Body Vocabulary: eyebrow, eyebrows, face, finger, fingers, foot, feet, forehead, hair, hand, hands, head

Human Body Vocabulary: heart, heel, heels, jaw, joint, joints, kidney, kidneys, knee, knees, kneecap

Human Body Vocabulary: knucle, lips, liver, lung, lungs, mouth, muscle, muscles, nael (belly button), neck, nose

Human Body Vocabulary: palm, palms, pancreas, pinky (little finger), rib, ribs, rib cage, shoulder, shoulders, skin, spine, spinal cord

Human Body Vocabulary: stomach, thigh, thighbone, throat, thumb, tongue, tonsil, tooth, teeth

Human Body Vocabulary: toes, vein, veins, waist

Israel Vocabulary: Israeli, absorption, absorption center, agora, citizen, citizenship, Jewish candelabrum

Israel Vocabulary: Declaration of Independence, flag, blue and white, Govenment of Israel

Israel Vocabulary: Hatikva, national anthem, Hebrew, Hebrew intensive study, ulpan, the holocaust, homeland, IDF, Israel Defense Forces

Israel Vocabulary: Identity Card, immigrant to Israel, immigrants, Immigrant Certificate, Independence Day, Ingathering of the Exiles

Israel Vocabulary: Jerusalem, Israel's capital, Jewish history, The Knesset, The Israeli parliment, Land of Milk and Honey, Land of Israel

Israel Vocabulary: Law of Return, memorial day, Ministry of Absorption, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Israel Vocabulary: Ministry of the Interior, moving to Israel, Aliyah, Nation of Israel, National Insurance, National Service

Israel Vocabulary: native Israeli, Next Year in Jerusalem, passport, Product of Israel, redemption, Shekel

Israel Vocabulary: Shield / Star of David, State of Israel, The Western Wall, Zionism

Jerusalem 1 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): Ammunition Hill, The Archaeological Garden, Ben Yehuda Street Mall, Binyanei Hauma

Jerusalem 2 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): Biblical Zoo, Botanical Gardens, The Burnt House, Capital of Israel, The Cardo, Central (bus) Station

Jerusalem 3 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): Chief Rabbinate, Citadel, City of David, Damascus Gate, Dead Sea Scrolls, Hadassah Medical Center

Jerusalem 4 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): Hass Promenade, Hebrew University, holy places, The Holy Temple, The Hurva Synagogue

Jerusalem 5 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): Independence Park, Israel, Israel Museum, Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem Forest, Jerusalem Theater

Jerusalem 6 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): The Jewish Quarter, Judean Hills, King David's Tomb, Liberty Bell Park, light rail

Jerusalem 7 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): Lion's Gate, The Knesset, Mahne Yehuda Marketplace, Malcha Shopping Mall, Mount Herzl

Jerusalem 8 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus, Mount Zion, The National Library, National Police Headquarters

Jerusalem 9 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): The Old City, Safra Square, Science Museum, Shrine of the Book, Sulton's Pool, Teddy Stadium

Jerusalem 10 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): Temple Mount, THe Western Wall, Hakotel, Kotel, The Western Wall Tunnels, windmill, Yad Vashem, zion

Jewish Calendar 1 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): Tishrei, Heshvan, Kislev, Tevet, Shevat, Adar, Nissan, Iyar, Sivan, Tammuz, Av, Elul

Jewish Calendar Vocabulary: month, beginning of new month, blessing of new month, sanctification of new month, leap year

Shabbat Vocabulary: blessing the children, braided egg bread, Cholent, fish, lighting Shabbat candles, meat

Shabbat Vocabulary: prayer, preparations for Shabbat, receiving the Shabbat, sanctification How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): Kiddush, the second bread

Shabbat Vocabulary: Shabbat pleasures, Shabbat songs, Shabbat table, synagogue, third meal, wine

Rosh HaShana 1 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): Rosh HaShana, apple, beet, binding of Isaac, candle lighting, carrot, cast off (our sins)

Rosh HaShana Vocabulary: charity, gmilut chasadim, creation of the world, custom, date (fruit), festival, good year, shana tova, head of a fish

Rosh HaShana Vocabulary: honey, Mount Sinai, pomegranate, prayer, prayer book, Machzor, ram's horn, shofar, tkia, shvarim

Rosh HaShana 4 How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): trua, repentance, round chllot, seventh Hebrew month, Tishrei, sound of the shofar, slichot, special penitential prayers, sweet new year

Rosh HaShana Vocabulary: synagogue, ten days of repentance, The Day of Blowing the Shofar, The Day of Judgement, The Day of Remembrance, kitel How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): white ankel-length robe

Sukkot Vocabulary: Sukkot, Tishrei, blessing, candles, citron fruit, etrog, covering, decorations, desert, Eighth Day of Asembly, Shmini Atseret

Sukkot Vocabulary: festival, four species, holiday of gathering, honey, Hoshana Rabbah

Sukkot Vocabulary: Hoshanot, hospitality to guests, intermediate days, chol hamoed, myrtel twings, hadasim, palm branch, lulav, prayer, procession with Torah, hakafot

Sukkot Vocabulary: Priestly Blessing, birkat kohanim, Psalms of Praise, Hallel, rain, Simchat Torah, Sukkah, Sukkot greeting

Sukkot Vocabulary: synagogue, three festivals, moadim, time of rejoicing, Torah, willow branches, Ushpizin, Sukkkot guests

Chanukah Vocabulary: Chanukah, A Great Miracle Happened Here, A Great Miracle Happened There, blessing, candle, candles

Chanukah Vocabulary: Chanukah Menorah, Chanukah money, Chanukah gelt, custom, dreidel, eight branches, eight days

Chanukah Vocabulary: for the miracles, Greeks, Happy Chanukah, Hellenization, High Preist, idolatry, jelly doughnut, Jerusalem, Judaism

Chanukah Vocabulary: Kislev, land of Israel, light, to light, the Maccabees, miracle, olive oil, paganism

Chanukah Vocabulary: potato pancakes, latkes, revolt, seal, servant candle, Syria, Syrian king, temple menorah, candelabrum

Chanukah Vocabulary: The Holy Temple, victory, wick

Tu B'Shvat Vocabulary: acorn, agriculture, almond, almond tree, apple, apricot, avocado, banana, bark (of tree)

Tu B'Shvat Vocabulary: barley, blossom, blossoming, branch, bud, carob, cedar, cherry, cherries, citrus fruit, citrus grower

Tu B'Shvat Vocabulary: citrus orchard, citrus tree, cypress, date, dates, fig, figs, fallow year, first fruits, fryit

Tu B'Shvat Vocabulary: forest, garden, gardner, gardening, grape, grapes, grapefruit, greenery, greenhouse, ground, hoe

Tu B'Shvat Vocabulary: Jewish National Fund (JNF), land, Land of Israel, leaf, leaves, lempn, lime

Tu B'Shvat Vocabulary: nature, nature reserve, new year of the trees, nut, nuts, oak, olive, olives

Tu B'Shvat Vocabulary: orange, oranges, Palm tree, peach, pear, pecan nut, persimmon, pine, pineapple, pitchfork, plant, to plant

Tu B'Shvat Vocabulary: plum, produce, prune, raisins, rake, raspberry, ripe, root, sapling, seed, seedling

Tu B'Shvat Vocabulary: The Seven Species, soil, spade, sprout, strawberry, tangerine, tree, trunk (of tree)

Tu B'Shvat Vocabulary: Tu B'Shvat seder, vine, walnut, wheat, willow, wine, dry wine, semi-dry wine, red wine, white wine

Purim Vocabulary: Adar, Book of Esther, Scroll of Esther, Book of Records, costume, country

Purim Vocabulary: courtyard, crown, fast, Fast of Esther, feast, for the miracles, gifts to the poor

Purim Vocabulary: gold sceptre, the Half Shekel, half the kingdom, (to) hang, Happy Purim, horse, Jew, Jews

Purim Vocabulary: king, light blue, mask, noise marker, noise makers, palace, party, Persian, purple

Purim Vocabulary: Purim pasteries, Oznai Haman, Hamintashim, chocolate, dates, poppyseed, strawberry, Purim Spiel, queen

Purim Vocabulary: royal garments, scroll, sending of gifts, Shushan, tree

Passover Vocabulary: Afikomen, bitter herbs, blessing, blood, boils, brick, candle, candles, celery, parsley, lettuce

Passover Vocabulary: cup of Elijah, darkness, egg, Egypt, eldest son, exodus from Egypt, festival, Festival of Matzot

Passover Vocabulary: Festival of the Spring, the fout cups, the four questions, Grace After Meals, grape juice, hail

Passover Vocabulary: Hebrew, Intermediate Days, Kosher for Passover, leavened bread, liberty, lice, locust, matzah, unleavened bread

Passover Vocabulary: matzah meal, matzah shmurah, miracles, next year in rebuilt Jerusalem, Nissan, One Kid (goat)

Passover Vocabulary: Passover Seder Night, Passover Server Service, Passover Haggadah, Passover paste How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): charoset, pestilence, pharaoh, plagues, Psalms of Praise, Hallel

Passover Vocabulary: ritual hand washing, sacrifice, salt water, sanctification How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): kidush, sandwich, search for leavened bread, Seder plate, shank bone

Passover Vocabulary: slaves, slavery, slaying of the first born, three festivals, "Who Knows One?", wine

Lag Ba'Omer Vocabulary: Lag Ba'Omer, barley, bonfire, bow and arrow, branch, branches, campfire, custom

Lag Ba'Omer vocabulary: fire, flame, grave, haircut, upsherin, chalakah, lighter, learn Torah

Lag Ba'Omer vocabulary: marshmallow, match, Mount Meron, parade, plague, pilgrimage, plank

Lag Ba'Omer vocabulary: potato, pupils, respect, revolt, safety, sheaf of grain, twig, wedding, wheat, wood

Lag Ba'Omer vocabulary: yahrtzeit, Zohar

Shavuot Vocabulary: Shavuot, Festival of Weeks, Assembly, barly, blintzes, candle lighting, cheesecake, counting the omer

Shavuot Vocabulary: custom, dairy products, date, dates, desert, eve of Shavuot, festival, Festival of the First Fruits

Shavuot Vocabulary: Festival of giving of the Torah, Festival of the Harvest, festival greetins, fig, figs, first fruits

Shavuot Vocabulary: flowers, fruit, grape, grapes, grapevine, greenery, Happy Holiday, Happy Shavuot

Shavuot Vocabulary: The Holy Temple, honey, Jerusalem, Land of Israel, King David, Mount Sinai, Nation of Israel

Shavuot Vocabulary: olive, olives, pomergranate, prayer, scribe (of holy writings), sofer stam, Scrool of Ruth, Book of Ruth, seven species, Sivan

Shavuot Vocabulary: special poetic compilations, studing Torah all night on Shavuot, Tikun Leil Shavuot, synagogue, the three festivals, The Ten Commandments, Torah, wheat

Legal Vocabulary: acquittal, affidavit, agreement, appeal, arbitration, arrest, attorney general

Legal Vocabulary: bail, bankrupcy, brobery, burglary, capital punishment

Legal Vocabulary: civil rights, clerk, child custody, child support, complaint, confession, constitution

Legal Vocabulary: contract, copyright, court, court room, crime, criminal

Legal Vocabulary: damages, defendant, defender, defense, discovery, district attorney, divorce, document, documentation

Legal Vocabulary: embezzlement, eviction, evidence, eyewitness, family law, foreclosure, forgery, fraud

Legal Vocabulary: guardian, guilty, handcuffs, hearing, heir, heiress, homicide, house arrest

Legal Vocabulary: illegal, inheritance, injunction, innocent, intent, jail, Jewish law, Jewish laws

Legal Vocabulary: Jewish marriage contract, Ketuba, judge, to be judged, judgement, judicial, jurisdiction, justice

Legal Vocabulary: The Knesset, kidnapping, land registry office, tabu, laundering money, law, laws, law and order

Legal Vocabulary: Law of Return, law studies, lawbreaker, lawful, lawmaker, lawsuit, lawyer

Legal Vocabulary: liability, license, life sentence, majority, malpractice, manslaughter, mediation, minority, mitigating circumstances

Legal Vocabulary: murder, negligence, notary, objection, offense, opinion, oral contract, Oral Jewish Law

Legal Vocabulary: organized crime, owner, owners, ownership, pardon, parking ticket, parole, patent, permit

Legal Vocabulary: plaintiff, plea, plea bargaining, polic, power of attorney, precedent, prenuptial agreement

Legal Vocabulary: probation, procedure, proceedings, property, prosecutor, public defender, punishment

Legal Vocabulary: punitive damages, rape, reasonable doubt, official receiver, receivership, registered trademark

Legal Vocabulary: registrar of companies, regulation, ruling, search warrent, sentence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, slander

Legal Vocabulary: small claims court, state comptroller, to sue, The Supreme Court, tax evasion, testimony

Legal Vocabulary: trademark, traffic ticket, trial, waiver, will, wiretapping, witness

Musical Instruments Vocabulary: accordion, bagpipes, banjo, basson, bell, castanets, cello

Musical Instruments Vocabulary: clarinet, contrbass, cymbals. drum, flute, guitar, electric gitar, harmonica, harp, horn

Musical Instruments Vocabulary: English horn, French horn, mandolin, oboe, organ, pipe organ, piano, recorder, saxophone

Musical Instruments Vocabulary: synthesizer, tambourine, triangle, trombone, trumpet, tuba, viola, violin, whistle, xylophone

Places Vocabulary How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): place, places, absorption center, airfield, airport, amusement park, apartment, bakery, bank

Places Vocabulary: barbershop, beach, boardwalk, promenade, bookstore, border, bus stop, cafe, cave

Places Vocabulary: cemetery, central bus station, church, city, city center, city hall, clinic

Places Vocabulary: community center, court room, cultural center for youth and sport, matnas, day care center, department store, desert

Places Vocabulary: dormitories, emergency room, factory, factory outlet, farm, field, fire station

Places Vocabulary: forest, garden, garage (fix cars), garbage dump, gas station, greenhouse, grocery store, health clinic, hospital

Places Vocabulary: hostel, hotel, house, island, kennel, kibbutz, lake, Land of Israel

Places Vocabulary: laundromat, library, lighthouse, marketplace, monastery, mosque, movie theater, museum, national park

Places Vocabulary: nature reserve, neighborhood, nursery, observatory, ocean, office, orchard, parking lot, pharmacy

Places Vocabulary: playground, police station, port (harbor), post office, power station, prison

Places Vocabulary: protected room, resort, restaurant, school, sea, seashore, settlement, (bomb) shelter, shopping mall

Places Vocabulary: snake bar, square (plaza), stable (for horses), stadium, store, suburb, supermarket

Places Vocabulary: swamp, swimming pool, synagogue, theater, train station, village, vineyard, winery, zoo

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary How to say in Hebrew (with vowels - nikud): renting an apartment, addendum, addition, address, air conditioner, airy, apartment, apartment number

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: basement apartment, bathroom, wc, bathtub, bed, bedroom, bedrooms, ceiling fan

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: central heating, chair, children's room, circuit breaker, blockage (in pipe), closets, wall closet

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: clothes dryer, crack, dampness, dining room, door, doorbell, east

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: electric cabinet, electric meter, electrical outlet, electrical panel, electrician, electricity

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: elevator, entrance, floor, floor tile, furnished apartment, furniture, garden, gas bill

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: gas meter, grating, grocery store, ground floor, guarantor, guarantors, guest room

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: house commitee, house commitee payment, vaad bayit, immediate, insulated windows, insulation

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: insurance, key, kitchen, lamp, landlord, laundry room, laws, lawyer

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: leak, leakage, light bulb, light fixture, living room, low ceiling, long term

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: mailbox, meter reading, mezuzah, mildew, moving company, neighbor, neighbors, neighborhood

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: noise, north, option addendum, oven, paint, (to) paint, painter, parking spot

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: plumber, plumbing, public transportation, porch, laundry porch

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: prefabricated, privacy, property tax, protected room, quiet area, radiator, real estate agent

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: receipts, refrigerator, registered letter, renovated, rent, rental agreement

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: rented apartment, rental period, renter, repairs, (to) repair, roof

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: roommate, rooms, screens for the windows, security deposit, see the apartment,

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: separate entrance, sequential checks, Shabbat timer, shelter, shelves

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: short term, shower, shutters, (to) sign contract, sink, size of the apartment

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: solar heated water tank, south, spacious, stairwell, steps (stairs), storeroom, sunlight, table

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: telephone bill, tenant, terms, top floor, unfurnished, (to) vacate

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: view, wall, washing machine, water bill, water pressure, west, wind direction

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary: window, wireless Internet, zip code

Restaurant Vocabulary: appetizer, artificial sweetner, bathroom, bill, bowl, small bowl, bread, bread roll, breakfast

Restaurant Vocabulary: business meal, cake, cheesecake, chocolate cake, carbonated water, chicken, Chinese food, chair

Restaurant Vocabulary: chef, coffee, coffee with cream, black coffee, instant coffee, dairy, dessert, dinner

Restaurant Vocabulary: drink, carbonated drink, hot drink, soft drink, eggs, does not include service

Restaurant Vocabulary: first course, fish, fork, glass, hot (taste), ice, kids meal, knife, kosher

Restaurant Vocabulary: last course, lunch, main course, meal, meat, of meat, menu, napkin, natural juice

Restaurant Vocabulary: no smoking, pepper, pita bread, plate, portion, reservation, salad, egg salad, eggplant salad

Restaurant Vocabulary: fruit salad, vegetable salad, salt, salty, sandwich, sauce, self service, service, side dishes

Restaurant Vocabulary: soup, chicken soup, onion soup, tomato soup, vegetable soup, soup bowl, spoon

Restaurant Vocabulary: sugar, sweet, table, tea, hebal tea, teaspoon, tip, vegetarian, waiter, waitress

Restaurant Vocabulary: water, mineral water, wine, dry wine, semi-dry wine, wine list

School Vocabulary: school, art, archeology, backpack, bell, bible, biology

School Vocabulary: blackboard, book, books, bus, calculator, chair, chalk, chemistry, class, college

School Vocabulary: computer, curriculm, degree, desk, education, elementary school, English, eraser

School Vocabulary: geography, glue, grade (level), grade (mark), graduate, high school graduate

School Vocabulary: graduation, grammar, gymnasium, Hebrew, Hebrew language class, ulpan, high school

School Vocabulary: history, holidays, homework, humanities, junior high school, kindergarten, kindergarten teacher

School Vocabulary: Kolel, lab, language, law studies, lecture, lecturer, lesson

School Vocabulary: literature, lunchroom, major, mathematics, matriculation, matriculation certificate, matriculation examination

School Vocabulary: Ministry of Education, notebook, pen, pencil, physics, principal, prophets, professor

School Vocabulary: psychology, psychometric exam, punctuation, quiz, recess, ruler, sandwich

School Vocabulary: school uniform, science, exact sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, scissors, semester

School Vocabulary: shelter, student, student dorms, table, Talmud, teacher

School Vocabulary: test, tests, textbook, thesis, Torah, transportation, university, vacation

Football Vocabulary: American football, back judge, champions, chin strap, coach, elbow pad

Football Vocabulary: end line, end zone, face mask, field goal, the first half, flag

Football Vocabulary: football (the ball), football player, foul, free safety, fullback, the game

Football Vocabulary: game clock, play clock, game uniform, goal line, goal post, halfback

Football Vocabulary: head linesman, helmet, jersey, (to) kick, kicker, kickoff

Football Vocabulary: knee pad, league, left cornerback, left defensive end, left defenseive tackle

Football Vocabulary: left guard, left offensive tackle, line of scrimmage, middle linebacker, most valuable player (mvp)

Football Vocabulary: national anthem, neutral zone, offensive, outside linebacker, pass (a ball), penalty

Football Vocabulary: player's number, playing field, points, quarter, quarterback, red zone, referee

Football Vocabulary: right cornerback, right defensive end, right defensive tackle, right guard, right offensive tackle

Football Vocabulary: (to) run, (the) score, scoreboard, season, (the) second half, shoulder pads

Football Vocabulary: sideline, special teams, sports announcer, (the) Superbowl game, team, tight end, time out

Football Vocabulary: (to) tackle, touchdown, trophy, whistle (instrument), whistle (sound), yard lines

Summer Vocabulary: air conditioner, beach ball, barbecue, baseball cap, bathing suit, beach, boat, canteen

Summer Vocabulary: diving equipment, fan, flight, flip-flops, grapes, heat, heat wave, dry heat

Summer Vocabulary: hot, very hot weather, hot wind, ice, ice cream, ice cream bar, ice cream cone, jellyfish, kite

Summer Vocabulary: lemonade, lifeguard, melon, paddle ball game, matkot, pail, peach, pineapple, playground

Summer Vocabulary: popsicle, sand castle, sandals, sailing, sea, seashell, seashore, shade

Summer Vocabulary: shorts, snorkel, strawberry, summer camp, summer clothes, sun, to sunbathe

Summer Vocabulary: sunglasses, sunshade, sun umbrella, sunburn, sunscreen lotion, suntan, suntan lotion

Summer Vocabulary: surfboard, swimming pool, tour, towel, travel agency, the big vacation, watermelon, waves

Thanksgiving Vocabulary: Thanksgiving, America, Amercian, apple pie, autumn, bread, agreement, celebration

Thanksgiving Vocabulary: corn, cornucopia, cranberries, cranberry sauce, decorations, dinner, family, feast

Thanksgiving Vocabulary: federal holiday, football, harvest, heritage, gravy, Indian

Thanksgiving Vocabulary: parade, pilgrim, pumpkin, pumpkin pie, rolls, salad, stuffing, Thursday

Thanksgiving Vocabulary: turkey, United States, yam, tradition, voyage

Transportation Vocabulary: airplane, ambulance, bicycle, bulldozer, bus, cable car, car, commercial vehicle, container ship

Transportation Vocabulary: elevator, escalator, dune buggy, ferry, fore engine, frieght train, glider, helicopter, hot-air balloon

Transportation Vocabulary: hovercraft, jeep, jet, motor boat, motorcycle, passenger liner (ship), passenger train, racing car

Transportation Vocabulary: sail boat, scooter, snowmobile, space shuttle, submarine, subway, taxi, tractor

Transportation Vocabulary: train, truck, vehicle, yacht

Weather Vocabulary: air pressure, blizzard, clear sky, cloudy sky, degrees (temperature), dry heat, very hot, dripping (drizzle)

Weather Vocabulary: dryness, floods, first rain, fog, forecast, front, frost, humidity, hail, haze, high clouds

Weather Vocabulary: hot wind, hurricane, local rain, low clouds, meterology, precipitation, rain, rain gauge, rainbow

Weather Vocabulary: sandstorm, sleet, snow, storm, synoptic map, sunlit, temperature, thunderstorm

Weather Vocabulary: tropical storm, weather vane, wind, wind direction, wind speed

Winter Vocabulary: winter, blanket, blizzard, boot, boots, chilly, clouds, cloudy, coat

Winter Vocabulary: cold (illness), cold (temperature), coldgetting cold, I'm cold, cough, to cough, earmuff

Winter Vocabulary: fireplace, first rain, floods, flu, fog, foggy, frost, frostbite, frozen, glove, gloves

Winter Vocabulary: hail, hat, heater, to hibernate, hibernation, ice, ice hockey, ice rink, ice skates, icicle

Winter Vocabulary: insulation, local rain, long johns, mittens, overalls, overcoat, precipitation, quilt, radiator

Winter Vocabulary: rain, raincoat, raindrop, rainy, scarf, the shivers, shovel, ski, ski lift, skier

Winter Vocabulary: skis, sled, sleet, slippery, sneeze, to sneeze, snow, snowball, snow-covered

Winter Vocabulary: snowflakes, snowman, snowplow, snowstorm, snowy, socks, soup, storm

Winter Vocabulary: sweater, temperature, thunderstorm, umbrella, wind, windbreaker, windy, wintry, zero degrees